TLC Responds to Recent Interview About Rihanna


So there was a misunderstanding during that interview with TLC that involved Rihanna. If you don’t already know you don’t mess with Rihanna without expecting some type of retaliation and this was no different.

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Rihanna Shocks At The CFDA Awards


Rihanna is used to the shock value she gives with her fashion choices. Which is why The Council of Fashion Designers of America took time to honor the edgy pop star with the Fashion Icon award!

RiRi of cause is causing quite a stir on the red carpet this year as well. By now we are completely used to seeing Rihanna naked it’s almost expected and yet still shocking!


She graced this years red carpet in a custom Adam Selman gown that gave a new meaning to the nude dress! She shimmered down the carpet with an equally sparkly head wrap. Regardless she looked flawless!

Lets hope someone doesn’t try to recreate this look for the prom next year!


Charlie Sheen Goes In On Rihanna…Again


The twitter war between Charlie Sheen and Rihanna continues. This time Charlie Sheen is calling Rihanna a dog.

This whole thing started when Rihanna refused to take a photo with Charlie and his fiancée Brett Rossi. Rihanna felt that there was too many paparazzi around and felt it was best to not cause too much more commotion. That triggered a twitter war between the too stars.

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Rihanna Gains Support From Tom Ford & Scout Willis #FreeTheNipple


Rihanna has been major support lately ever since Instagram deleted her account about a month ago. Let’s face it Instagram has become a little dry since her involuntary departure. I know that I personally miss seeing her on my timeline half-naked in edgy looks and just being Rihanna. 

It’s not new news that Instagram has a strict, zero tolerance to nudity but wipe out one of the most entertaining and influential account seems a little harsh.

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Rihanna Snaps Selfie With Fan Amid Charlie Sheen Drama

photo (2)

Rihanna does like her fans! After her encounter with Charlie Sheen, resulting in a twitter rant that accused RiRi of being a liar and not knowing how to be a celebrity, Rihanna returned to the scene of the crime.

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Charlie Sheen Goes On A Twitter Rant About Rihanna!


It seems like Rihanna has rubbed Charlie Sheen the wrong way!

Sheen went on a Kanye West Twitter rant about his encounter with the “Talk That Talk” singer while dining at Giorgio Baldi in Santa Monica on Wednesday.

Charlie was out celebrating his fiancee Brett Rossi‘s birthday at the famed restaurant when they heard Rihanna was entering the building. Rossi WAS a big fan of the singer of course wanted to meet her.

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Rihanna Rocks A Pink Wig To The Clippers Game


Rihanna has the world talking again! This time its about her new pink wig!

She debut the look on twitter with a photo of her rocking the bold new look with her BBF Melissa Forde close by!

We raided Nicki’s wig closet for the summer! Bad gals just wanna have fun!

The girls were on their why to the latest Los Angeles Clippers game on Thursday which they had court side seats! Rihanna was up to her usual tricks for the camera.

Cheering the team on with her new pink hair and obviously braless looked like she was having an awesome time! In the end the Clippers lost to Oklahoma City Thunder 104-98. Maybe Rihanna’s bold new look distracted the guys on the court?

So This Happened… Instagram Deletes Rihanna’s Account


The Rihanna Navy is probably a little confused this morning. It seems as if her account was deleted by Instagram early this morning!

Rihanna recently was forced to take down her pics from her recent photo shoot with Lui Magazine. The pics in question did include nudity and I guess they violate Instgrams policy so they did threaten to delete her account if she didn’t remove them.

Well looks like they temporarily did just that! The Instagram police do not play and they don’t like being mocked either! They deleted her RiRi’s account early this morning after she posted a few meme’s and funny artwork from fans that mocked Instagram’s policy

Luckily her account was reinstated by noon and everything seems to be fine. Rihanna is not one to follow the rules but as u can see their are consequences for everything even pop stars no matter how many followers you have!