New Video Eshe Featuring Los Vegaz ” So Gone (Remix)”


Eshe is back with a remix for “So Gone”! This version of the song has such an awesome sound that is sure to keep you dancing. Song also features up and coming artist Los Vegaz. The more upbeat version of “So Gone” defiantly matches her bubbly, infectious personality.

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Quick 5 with Demetria McKinney

82b608d4-3006-4182-b1b7-c850a02c21d9Pretty soon you will seeing and hearing a lot more from Demetria McKinney, and with good reason! This triple threat is on her way to be house hold name already staring in Tyler Perry’s House of Pain and BET’s hit series Let’s Stay Together now she is ready to take over the air waves with her hot new single “100”! The Plug’s corresponded Phillip Brazile got a chance to sit down with Demetria for one of his awesome Quick 5’s!

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Get To Know Syreeta ShaNee & Hear Her New Single “Pink Slip”


Syreeta ShaNee is about to take the music world by storm! Her soulful sound will give you an old school feel with a twist of new school and her new single, Pink Slip, gives you all that and more. Syreeta is defiantly one to have on your radar. I recently had the pleasure of getting to chat the up and coming R&B star about her career, love, and family!

Introduce yourself to the world!

Hello. I’m Syreeta ShaNee, a sassy R&B , pop-soul singer/ songwriter, entrepreneur and socialite. Originally a native of small town Alabama, for the past 9 years, I have officially become a Georgia Peach and have taken the city of Atlanta by storm working with various accomplished artists, producers and photographers. Although I have worked diligently to carve my name into the entertainment industry, I have remained strong with my Christian faith and beliefs . In addition to my passion for music, I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications and a Master’s Degree in Psychology Counseling and I am a mother (yes I’m a mom :D).

I love your new single “Pink Slip”! Tell us what or who was the inspiration behind “Pink Slip”? Who did you work with to help create the track?

Thank you! Pink Slip is a song I had begun writing after hearing the track online. I loved the old school sound so I purchased it and immediately came up with a hook. It wasn’t until later that I revisited the song I had begun writing, because, unfortunately my personal experiences help to inspire some of the lyrics. But I really think it came out great. Gypsy Stokes, Konvict Muzik producer, and artist helped me engineer the song and execute my ideas. This song is special to me because I was dealing with a broken heart at the time I actually recorded the song, so the emotions were very raw and pure—so raw and pure, I had to stop recording a few times and wipe my tears in the studio.

Who are some of the people you have worked with in your career?

I have worked under the management of Ricardo Thornton and his brother Raz B from the boy band B2k and collaborated with several artists including Lil Scrappy, Trillville, Lil Atlanta of Trillville, T-Pain’s Protégé, Young Cash of Nappy Boy, Grammy nominated writer Gypsy Stokes of Konvict Muzik, Sonny Music writer Kerry Hartwell, R&B artist Ray Lavender, producer JSiles, singer/songwriter Chip Oday and singer/songwriter Sky Keeton and several independent artists such as Drop Boi Deezy, Godbliss, AK Swat and Kimmi Kennedy. I have also worked with David Waehner of Waehner productions(credits include Trick Daddy, Trina, Sony, Universal). James Brooks, producer and musician from Euphonic Muzik productions, who has worked with several artists, including Regina Belle and Mike Phillips of Drummerboyz Club, producer, engineer who is also the main drummer for Janelle Monae (credits include Ciara, Lloyd, E-40, Lil Jon, Trillville,).

Very impressive! You have worked with a lot of heavy hitters! Who inspires you?

I have several musical inspirations, including, of course my first inspiration since childhood, the late Whitney Houston for her rare musical gift, and to me, being one of the best recording artists of our time. In more recent times, I have also been inspired by Tamar Braxton. She inspires me because she has worked diligently for years with so many almost opportunities that somehow never manifested into the career that she wanted and deserved, (which I can certainly relate to) but she never dropped the microphone and now she has accomplished many of the musical goals that she always wanted to achieve, including being nominated for a Grammy and her vocals are phenomenal simply because she just didn’t stop!

So when can we expect an album from you?

Right now I’m working on singles, where my focus is recording one super great track at a time (no album “fillers”) which will eventually make up the album that I can’t wait to release. I do plan on releasing a mixtape for this summer followed by an EP while I continue working on my album. But yes an album,—-THE ALBUM is coming!!

Being in the music industry can be very stressful. How do you deal with the stress? What advise do you have for artist trying to make it this business?

For me it is always staying grounded with God. It may sound cliché’ but it’s truly what helps me deal with the stress. If I didn’t have that spiritual relationship, I could see how it would have already pushed me away. In the industry you are dealing with so many people with different personalities and agendas and the ultimate agenda in the music “business” is to make money. We know when money becomes the center of anything it is usually corrupted and the music industry is no exception. It can be difficult for true “artists” who are really passionate about what they do to separate the business from the artistry. But never let the corruption of the business distract, derail, or steal your passion. I always say I do this because I love music. I don’t HAVE to pursue this. But of course I would love to make a living doing my passion. I just keep in mind that being successful while doing my passion does not mean that I have to sacrifice my integrity or sanity. Keep God first, and the peace will overtake the doubts, the fears, the frustrations, the anguish, and, the stress.


I read you’ve been approached by a few major labels, like Block Entertainment, and Grand Hustle, but chose to stay independent, why?

Well I was actually approached by Grand Hustle first. I met up with the A&R at the time, Mike, and he was really excited about possibly bringing me in to work with their producers exclusively and eventually to sign to their label, however, the timing couldn’t have been more off because shortly after TI was arrested and there were a few financial/logistic issues within the label so it was bad timing.  Block Ent came about when a mutual friend of  Russell “Block” Spencer and mine suggested I meet with him because he was looking for a female singer for his label Block ENT. He had checked out my sites and immediately setup a meeting/listening session at his studio off of Memorial Drive.  He really liked what he heard and immediately wanted me to begin working with the team. There were issues with my schedules and my job at the time so we reconnected again and he later asked me to come on board and work with him assisting to develop one of his rap groups at the time and eventually we would work on my project. I really enjoyed my time there and learned so much about the actual “business” of the music industry. I learned enough to realize that I actually had my own movement and if I play my cards right can actually come out better independently.

What can we expect from you in the future?

To know my name. My goal is not to just be famous or well known. It is to do my passion so well that people know who I am. To me there is a difference. But you will see and hear so much more of Syreeta ShaNee’ soon to come—expect to hear me on your radio waves. I also plan to utilize my talent to evolve into other entrepreneur ventures as well as developing a nonprofit organization for young women.

What are some of your guilty pleasures?

Reality Shows, French Fries, Blog Reading at the office

Do you have a man in your life? The people want to know! LOL

Yes! And he is a sweetheart!J

What do you do to expect the stresses of the world?

I have my quiet time with God. Sometimes when I get in the car I don’t turn on music at all. I just use that time to talk and listen to Him. I also come home and run a super warm bubble bath on those days that I’m left shaking my head. You would be surprised how that alleviates the stress!!

Stay up to date with everything Syreeta ShaNee on all her social media! Don’t forget to download Pink Slip on iTunes and Amazon!

Twitter: @SyreetaShaNee

Instagram: @syreetashanee

SoundCloud: Syreeta ShaNee

Facebook: Syreeta ShaNee

Get Up Close And Personal With Fenner Eaddy

1503348_10203502534273478_159621818_nIf you haven’t heard of Fenner Eaddy yet, you will. Fenner Eaddy is latest musical genius to come out of Atlanta. Hitting us with his personal first single “I Try” it’s no wonder Fenner will be one to watch. The up and coming soulful crooner is already making waves on iTunes  and Amazon and his reign is only beginning.

Tell the world a little bit about Fenner Eaddy?
I’m originally from Chesapeake VA, however, my family relocated to Norfolk VA later in my youth. I’m the youngest of two. My favorite color is blue and my favorite food is pancakes.

 What or who was the inspiration for your new single “I Try”?
My senior year of high school, I fell in love with someone who didn’t love me back. Afterward, anyone I met, I compared to that person. I remember telling someone that I couldn’t love because I had not allowed myself to heal from that situation. That conversation inspired me to write I Try.

Who inspires you?
My parents inspire me, especially my mother. She’s a very warm and loving individual. She impacts lives and touches people’s spirits with her acts of kindness. I aspire to be that kind of person. I hope to effect people in that way, not only through my music but in my daily dealings.

Describe your sound.
My sound is very pure with a bit of grit. I grew up during the Golden Era of Hip Hop and R&B, so I wanted to infuse that sound into my music.

Is music something you knew you wanted to pursue?
Yes and no. When I was a kid, I just wanted to perform. It wasn’t music specifically that I was pursuing. At an early age I was introduced to the theater and I became heavily involved. Actually, theater was what I was pursuing. It wasn’t until my early teens that I started pursuing music.

 Who are some of the people you have worked with?
I’ve had the opportunity to work with Produx, Stoney Thraxton , Knoq Harda, and Spragg Williams on this project.

 When will we be getting a Fenner Eaddy album?
The album is in the works. It’s in the mixing and mastering stage. It will be released in two parts. The first EP will be released this summer and the second will be released in the Fall.

 What are some of the current projects your working on now?
Currently, the main project that I’m working on is my album. It has taken a few years to get things right but it is finally complete.

 What are a few of your guilty pleasures?
I love dessert. I’m a huge fan of cakes and pastries. I especially love warm Carrot Cake with Vanilla Bean Ice Cream.

Who would you love to work with one dead and one alive?
I would love to work with Kenny Greene from the group INTRO. He’s one of my favorite vocalist of all time. He was a beast. In my teens, he was the artist I tried to emulate; I still do. I would also love to work with Jazmine Sullivan. She’s another one of my favorites. Her writings and arrangements are crazy. She’s also a beast vocally.

 What’s next for Fenner?
I’m not quite sure what’s next. All of that is still being planned. I will say that something great is in store. I like to follow God’s lead. He has led me to some great places. So, whatever is in store will be pretty amazing. My team and I have some great things in the works. Right now we’re planning for the release of the EP. We also have some club dates in the works.

Find Fenner Eaddy and keep in touch with all the latest news. Don’t for get to download his new single “I Try” on iTunes and Amazon:

Twitter: @fennereaddy

Facebook: Fenner Eaddy Music

Instagram: @sometimes_mickey

SoundCloud: Fenner Eaddy

Cecil Thornton and Transparent Host Kickstarter Event!!


Cecil Thornton and Transparent are gearing up for what will be an awesome night of musical entertainment! This KickStarter event will be hosted at the Apache Cafe in Atlanta! Find out more below!

Atlanta based jazz artist Cecil Thornton and the gospel jazz group Transparent are set to perform this weekend March 28 at the Apache Cafe in efforts to complete funding for next recording project.

Cecil explained, “It is going to be a good time, and good music”.  For those fans, who will not be able to attend but are interested in donating can do so by going to Thornton is hoping to follow-up to his solo project, “Live Simplicity”, by this fall.

 Tickets for this event can be purchased in advance by visiting




Best Invention Ever! 24 Hour Cupcake ATM!!!!


Sprinkles has come up with the best invention  ever and brought it to the ATL! I had to share this when I found out about this amazing discovery!

That’s right Atlanta Sprinkles Cupcake in Lenox Mall has a 24 hour cupcake ATM! Located in the bakery patio the ATM is stocked night and day with freshly baked delicious goodness! They even have doggy cupcakes for your pooch!

For all you that have those late night cravings check out Sprinkles Cupcake ATM.

Lenox Square Mall

Open 24 Hours

3393 Peachtree Road

Atlanta, Georgia 30326


Quick 5 with Author La’ Janee’ Cosby

By: Phillip Brazile (

Phillip Brazile recently sat down with Atlanta based  upcoming aurthor La’ Janee’ for his famous Quick 5. La’ Janee’ currently has a book available on Amazon called Things He Didn’t Say.”

  1. How many books have you written so far, and do you plan on writing more?

I’ve written two books actually, but I’ve only published one. Yes, I have more books coming. As long as I keep writing about my life, I will always have a story to tell.

  1. In your book, Things He Didn’t Say, the book is autobiographical did you find to be therapeutic when you wrote it?

Yes, it was therapeutic and very self-reflecting. Writing the book was challenging because I went to places that I didn’t want to go and dealt with the things that I didn’t want to. I’m glad I wrote the book. But it was like looking in the mirror and that was hard to do at times. After I released the book, I was like ok I’m beginning to really heal.

3.Have you heard back from the guy, who the book is based on? What was his response to you?

Of course! He knew about the book and he was happy that I wrote the book. He believes that there is definitely a lesson to be learned.

4.Do people consider you, The Taylor Swift of the Book World?

No, I haven’t heard that before. She’s not hard enough for me…LOL. Guys tell me that I remind them of K.Michelle, in a sense. If I date you, I’ll write about it and I’ll tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. I’m raw and uncut. I have a good heart and I’ll give love a try. But if it doesn’t work, I’ll tell exactly what you did to me in a delightfully ratchet way.

 5.What do hope to do with books in the future? What message or purpose do you try to send?

In the future, I would love for one of my books to be made into a film. My purpose for writing is to always tell my truth. As a woman, I feel I write for the broken-hearted and lonely chicks. So, my message to them is that life happens and it will continue to happen. And no matter what man has hurt you or what person has left you, there’s always more. You just have to believe that. It’s ok to be mad and angry but what are you going to do after that? You have to heal and move on. You have to quit worrying about the what if’s and why not’s. Just begin to worry about your healing.

Bonus Round

Who is your favorite author?

I don’t have just one. I enjoy reading books by Terry McMillan, Sister Souljah, Eric Jerome Dickey, Mary Monroe.  

Favorite Reality show?

Chile, I am here for ‘Love & Hip Hop ATL.’ The ratchetness is like no other!


Twitter: @naeicanrepeatit

Facebook: Facebook/ICanRepeatItDOTCom