#NewMusic: Justin Bieber is “Looking For You” With The Migos


Justin Bieber is back with a new single “Looking For You!”

The Biebs calls on The Migos to help him find love in the club. It seems like Justin has been working hard while he has been in Atlanta! Didn’t really think that this collaboration would have ever happened but it’s great one for the club!

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Justin Bieber’s Deposition Video! On His Douchiest Behavior

Justin Bieber had major attitude during his deposition that recurred on March 6th. The whole deposition lasted four and half hours and was in response to alleged paparazzo assault.

This almost painful to watch as you can tell from the first video original obtain by TMZ. Talk about douche bag behavior at its best!

He nearly flipped his lid when asked about his relationship with Selena Gomez. “Don’t ask me about her again,” he repeated as if he was really going to do anything about it.

I know Selena has nothing to do with this situation at all but do you really have to have such punk like behavior? Can we please let the lawyers handle this? That’s what he’s their for am I right? 

The brat like behavior continued throughout the video’s and almost makes you want to slap the kid for thinking he is so entitled to talk to people the way he does. He even had the nerve to wink into the camera which was so disrespectful!

Watch the other deposition videos, if you can stomach them, below

Source: TMZ

Justin Bieber “Cannot Be Broken” Tries To Gain Street Cred With New Music



Released online Friday on DJ Tay James’ WeKnowTheDJ Volume 4, the track is called “Broken” and features rapper Blake Kelly.

Justin bangs back at the haters with lines like “I Cannot Be Broken” and  “you can’t take what’s mine.”

Coolin ..

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Blake Kelly posted a few photos of him and Justin  hinting at the collabo.

This be Justin trying to get his street cred… How sweet…

You can hear the song below.

Justin Bieber May Be Calling ATL Home (PICS)

 Dan Steinberg/Invision/AP

Dan Steinberg/Invision/AP

Justin Bieber maybe becoming an ATLien. He’s been scoping out mansions in the Buckhead area. Of course he’s looking at BLACKLAND RD. He’s gotta stay close to his people and keep it real.


Justin Bieber is looking to move to Buckhead one of the most prominent areas in Atlanta. Buckhead is home to Usher, Young Jeezy, and Phaedra Parks. The mansion is said to have 7 bedrooms and is listed at 10.95 million.

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Source: TMZ


Is Justin Bieber Gay?


When a recent pic came up on the web of Justin kissing another dude his fans went crazy! The question is was it really Justin?

So Justin been under the microscope for a quite a while and he’s been called everything from immature, an a$$, and a trouble maker. Gay wasn’t ever on the list however, so when a photo of him surfaced of him kissing another guy the Beliebers lost it. But is it really him.

Well it looks like him, right? The guy on the right has a  backwards hat, his signature shades, and he has the same hair cut. Could this all be a photo shopped joke? Turns out the guy in the picture is not Justin but a guy named Rob Miller who just so happens to strikingly look like Justin.

Rob posted the pic on his twitter account of him and his boyfriend kissing.

So Rob has be trying to tell everyone that is not justin in the photo, but of course people will tweet what they want too and if it looks like Justin then it is Justin. It was all just stated to get the rumor mill going but i we put an end to it here! Still would you really be surprised if it was him the pic?

Did Selena Gomez go to Rehab?

Getty Images

Getty Images

Selena Gomez went to rehab secretly. She was admitted Jan 5th but not for reasons you would think!

Many rumors are swirling behind the reasons for her 2 week stint in Arizona’s Dawn at the Meadows. TMZ is reporting that she was dealing with drugs and alcohol and even saying that she was addicted to Justin Bieber. Sources also tell them that she is not getting outpatient treatment or therapy.

E! News is reporting that Gomez admitted herself to  Arizona’s Dawn at the Meadows. Her are denying rumors that she was dealing with drugs and alcohol. She had been working for six years straight with no breaks sources tell E! News.

To help deal with her stress issues Selena canceled some tour dates and released this statement,  “It has become clear to me and those close to me that after many years putting my work first, I need to spend some time on myself in order to be the best person I can be.”

We wish Selena much luck!

Source: TMZ, E! News

Lil Za Charged with 3 FELONIES!



Lil Za is being charged with 3 FELONIES concerning  Justin Bieber raid!

TMZ is reporting:

The L.A. County D.A. has charged Za with 2 counts of felony possession of a controlled substance — MDMA (Ecstasy) and Oxycodone.  He’s also been charged with a felony for breaking the jail phone.

As we first reported … cops found the drugs near Za as they executed the search warrant on Bieber’s home … looking for video evidence linking the singer to the egg attack on his neighbor.

If convicted on all counts, Za faces up to 9 years behind bars.

Source: TMZ

Justin Bieber and BFF Khalil Get Breast Fed!!!



The fun don’t stop with Justin Bieber! Lets face it The Biebs has had a rocky start to this year. His house got raided and he got arrested for a DUI all in the same month! It’s no wonder he wanted to have a little fun!

At a party at a LA studio a stripper was hired to perform. Justin got himself a piece of the action along with his BFF Khalil! A photo of the two was leaked of them both sucking on the stripper’s rather large breast. Justin attacking the right nipple and Khalil getting the left!

TMZ got exclusive about the party and says “sources at the party say the stripper looked old enough to be Justin’s mother… maybe that explains the huge urge to breast-feed.”

To see the uncensored photo click here! We know you want too!

Source: Instagram, TMZ