Quick 5 with Sunday Best Season 6 Runner-Up Kefia Rollerson


Sunday Best is the gospel version on American Idol on the show’s sixth season America was introduced to contestant Kefia Rollerson. Her stage presence and big personality was very memorable. Since, then she still working hard at making her name in gospel music with the recent release of her mix tape. Kefia, might not have one her season, but success is still bound her way. She recently, took a moment to answer questions about her experiences on the show.

How does it feel to look back at Sunday Best now and to know you have actually done it?

It feels great. I feel extremely blessed and truly humbled to have been afforded such a major platform. To be able to influence the lives of people through my gift on Sunday Best was and is a great blessing. I certainly honor The Lord for the opportunity.

What was one thing about doing the show, which surprised you, the most? Was doing the show what you imagined?

No, doing the show was not what I imagined. What surprised me the most was making it to the Top #2. I was grateful just for the platform of being on the show. But to receive so much positive feedback and to make it as far as I did was totally unexpected.

What advice would you offer to future contestants?

To stay focused, stay humble, be yourself, and know you can do all things through Christ.

You named your last ep, “Don’t Box Me In”. Have you ever felt boxed in?

I’m not your average gospel singer or even your average church girl. But the message I carry & the praise that I offer to God is no less impactful because I don’t look or sound like everybody. We serve a global, cross denominational, all nations’ kind of God. He doesn’t like boxes and neither do I. Lol

What is next for you?

I’m extremely excited. I will have new music coming very soon. The single will be out hopefully with the next two months and my Album will hopefully be released the Top of 2015. It’s filled with a new sound, new concepts, and new ideas towards Christianity. I can’t wait to share it with the world.

Bonus Round
Favorite Sunday Best Judge?
Uncle Donnie is my favorite!

Twitter: @Kefiarollerson
Instagram: @Kefiarollerson
Website: www.kefiarollerson.com

For booking information contact kefiarollersonbooking@gmail.com or Theheadlineragency@gmail.com


Quick 5 Interviews are written by Freelance Journalist Phillip Brazile (Philosophy8705@gmail.com).  Quick 5 interviews are syndicated to a number of online publications. Follow Phillip online on Twitter @IamRealPhil Instagram IamPhilBrazile


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