ALL NEW: Quick 5 with Vivian Green


Do you remember when we fell in love with music for the lyrics? Back in 2002, one of the best R&B songs of all times was, “Emotional Rollercoaster”. Vivian Green was a newcomer to the music game then, but now she is back working on new material. Here what she has to say about in all new Quick 5!

Your last album, “The Green Room”, was considered to be a happier album. How did you find the fans responded to that?

Fans that purchased the album definitely appreciated it, but the awareness for “The Green Room,” was almost next to none. It was thrown out there with no real set-up so a lot of people still don’t even know it existed. However, my “Beautiful” album in 2010 was also happy, so “The Green Room” definitely wasn’t my first positive body of work.

How do you feel about the state of R&B music now, since your début album, “A Love Story”?

I feel hip-hop is currently dominating R&B, but in the early 2000’s when my first album released there was equal room for both. Mainstream R&B today is very one-sided and doesn’t give room for the many faces of the genre. It’s amazing how people don’t do their own searching when it comes to R&B. If they don’t hear something on mainstream radio they ask, “Where has so-in-so been?” When in a lot of cases the artist they’re looking for is being played heavily on Urban AC, Sirius XM, and online stations as well. It’s a different time in music. You can’t expect to hear everyone in one place. People also say, “There are no good artists anymore”. However there are PLENTY, many of who never stopped making music, though a lot of their fans wonder where they are. Fans have to simply begin typing their favorites in their search engines because you find exactly what they’re doing that way, vs. waiting to hear the artist on a format that no longer plays their music.IJS lol. There are STILL AMAZING singers making good music.


Who are some of your musical influences? Who would be a dream duet for you?

I have many influences and I don’t believe I’ve ever answered this common question the same. So I’ll say Stevie Wonder, or Toni Braxton.

Would you consider doing a show like “R&B Divas”, or any reality TV show?

I can’t see myself doing R&B Divas. I just don’t have the temperament for it. However I support all of the divas and I’m so incredibly happy that they have another outlet to promote their music where labels haven’t. I would consider doing a show if it were the right fit for me. I honestly do not crave the spotlight and cameras make me nervous, so if I did any show it would be for the purpose of more visibility for the sake of my art.

What have you been working on? Any new music coming this year? A tour?

We put out a “buzz” record online a few weeks ago called “Get Right Back to My Baby”. We wanted to see how people would respond to a different sound from me. My music in the past did not have a lot of energy AT ALL, but this will have tons!

Bonus Fan Round
Favorite R&B Album of All Time:
Songs in Key Of Life
Favorite Guilty Pleasure Snack Food:
Haribo Gummy Bears lol
Favorite Place to perform:
Chene Park Detroit Michigan because I love the atmosphere on the water front.

Twitter: @iamviviangreen
Instagram: @iamviviangreen


Quick 5 Interviews are written by Freelance Journalist Phillip Brazile (  Quick 5 interviews are syndicated to a number of online publications. Follow Phillip online on Twitter @IamRealPhil Instagram IamPhilBrazile


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