ALL NEW: Quick 5 with Day26

With Phillip Brazile


You got to know these guys back in the summer of 2007, when they appeared on MTV’s Making the Band 4. The group band members, Robert, Brian, Willie, Qwanell, and Michael have all recently reunited took the time to answer some questions for the fans.  

  • Would you all consider doing another reality show?

A: Reality television is where it is right now.  You can’t beat that form of promotion so as much as I’m not into it right now, we know how beneficial it would be.

  • Your latest project, “The Return”, included a remake of a song by the group Silk, what other groups’ do you guys listen to?

A: We look up to a lot of groups like The Temptations, New Edition, Boyz II Men, Jodeci, 112, Jagged Edge, Dru Hill and a list of others.

  • Diddy is the mastermind behind, “Day26”; do you guys still keep in touch?

A: It’s not an everyday thing but when we do talk it is always all love.

  • Being in a group can be complicated, how do you guys handle disagreements?

A: It’s a lot easier now that we have grown and we all have matured, and now honestly it’s just a conversation and majority rules.

  • What is next for Day26? More albums?

A:  “The Return”, was originally a tour for Day26 but we wanted to add some new music to the show so that’s what brought on the EP and Book. We plan on touring soon and start work on a new album.

Bonus Fan Round:

Which member is the “ladies man”?

 A:   Mike and Willie

Which member is the “messy one”?

A: Nobody’s really messy, surprisingly!!!

Which member is always late?

A: Robert and Mike


Twitter:  @day26 

Facebook: Day26

Instagram: day26official


Soundcloud : Day26music

Quick 5 Interviews are written by Freelance Journalist Phillip Brazile (  Quick 5 interviews are syndicated to a number of online publications. Follow Phillip online on Twitter @IamRealPhil Instagram IamPhilBrazile



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