Sherri Shepherd Wants Nothing To Do With Unborn Child With Lamar Sally!



Things have been nothing but drama ever since Sherri Shepherd and her estrange husband, Lamar Sally, have filed for divorce earlier this year. Turns out things are getting messier by the minute! Sherri apparently wants nothing to do with their unborn child that has been conceived via surrogate.

The reason being that the child was not conceived using Sherri eggs!

The word is that the couple first tried to IVF with Sherri’s eggs and Lamar’s sperm but that failed. So, they opted I use a donors egg and and Lamar’s sperm and have the surrogate carry the baby.



Well this puts a wrench in Sally’s plans for sure, who was hopping to get hold support and not to mention spousal supporte! Sherri is asking that she not be considered a parent of the child because she does not want to be financially responsible for the child.

Sherri is claiming fraud on basis that Sally knew very well that he was going to file for divorce after the child was successfully conceived and try to get child support.

Sherri also wants the judge to rule that she has no parental rights to the unborn child. This is all alleged by the way, but it sounds crazy enough to be true!


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