Louis Vuitton Sued Over Alleged Raciest Remarks About Black People Said By Boss


Really?!? Louis Vuitton is being sued over racial discrimination and harassment! apparently a boss at the flagship store told sales associate, Oliver Koffi, who happens to be black, that “Black people are slaves who eat dirt off the floor.”

According to Mirror Online Koffi was allegedly in the stockroom pack up a pair of shoes for a client when his boss said the racial comments in front of other stunned employees. It is alleged that his tone was “cold and serious.”


Koffi said, “During this discussion, my manager quite randomly stated that ‘black people are slaves and eat dirt off the floor’.This comment was grossly offensive and extremely humiliating. His ­reference to slavery in this day and age with regards to black people is quite frankly revolting.”

Mr Koffi was a contract worker at the Louis Vuitton Townhouse at London’s iconic Selfridges department store at the time of the incident.

Koffi also recorded the whole thing in order to catch his boss in the act after other complaints of his “racist contact” had been revealed.

It is alleged that this boss also made horrible remarks about Asians and often referred to customers by the color of their skin.

Louis Vuitton quickly released a statement concerning the issue. “Louis Vuitton has a zero-tolerance policy to harassment of any kind. This reported sentiment is in total violation of the Louis Vuitton Ethical charter. This issue was investigated, and the manager in question no longer works within the company.”

Source: Mirror Online


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