La La Anthony Covers Latina Magazine! Talks Family, Fashion, and her new book “Love Playbook”


The beautiful La La Anthony is the latest cover girl for Latina Magazine! She looks stunning on the cover as she flirts with the camera giving us a seductive stare. During the interview we learn more about La La’s family, possibly having more children, her book and her new clothing line 5th a& Mercer!

So can we expect more children from La La? It doesn’t seem like that will happen anytime soon , but she has been thinking about it. “I do start feeling bad because [my son, Kiyan, 7, will] ask about a baby [sibling] and I feel a little selfish. If I did have another child, the reason would be that I wouldn’t want my son to be alone in the world as an only child. But we’ll see.”

Her book The Love Playbook, has inspired so many women she gushes! She says that’s how she measure her success. Has long as the book her book can help other women in tough situations then the book has done it’s job. “Almost every day I get handfuls of people coming up to me and telling me, ‘Your book changed my life. You gave me confidence to leave an abusive relationship and believe in myself.’ To me that’s the true success, not necessarily being number one.”

We all know that La La is fashionista and trend setter, so it’s no surprise that she would dive right into coming up with the creative design of her new line 5th & Mercer.

“I know what works on Latinas, black women and curvy women. But it’s great that a website like ShopBop that isn’t used to having that kind of consumer—they’re used to stopping at a six or an eight—to push them to go up to a fourteen and understand our kind of woman.”

“I always notice my quickest-selling sizes are the fourteens, the twelves and the tens. I just won a little disagreement to increase the sizes with the website ShopBop. They were only going from zero to eight and I’m like, ‘No, we come in all sizes, we have to increase the sizes.’ So now they go from zero to fourteen and I wish they would go even higher.” She explains.

Make sure you pick up a your copy of Latina Magazine to continue reading the interview!

Source: Latina Magazine


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