Stevie J Test Positive For Cocaine And Marijuana

Stevie J Joseline Hernandez

Stevie J is some hot water and is defiantly living up to his nick name “Sleezy!” He already was arrested earlier this month for owing more than a million dollars in back child support. Now it seems he has another problem…

You would think that Steebie would use Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta to make some major moves in the music industry, right? Not exactly. What was supposed to be a simple bail transaction of $25,000 turned into something much deeper.

Stevie was drugged test when he was arrested back in Atlanta for his back child support. Well, they gave him a drug test and it came back positive for weed and cocaine! Honestly I didn’t see that coming!

The judge in the end allowed Stevie to post bail on a condition that he submit to random drug testing.

Now I have been boycotting Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta on the account that I got bored with all the bad acting and played out story line. This on the other hand would have probably kept my attention longer!


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