Hank Baskett Spotted Checking Into A Hotel As Transsexual Mistress Breaks Her Silence


Guess who was spotted checking into a hotel today? Hank Baskett! It looks like with all the rumors swirling around about him allegedly hooking up with transsexual, Ava Sabrina London, has put a strain on him and Kendra Wilkinson’s relationship!

Apparently Hank left the couple’s home on Friday and checked into the Good Night Inn in Calabasas. Hank is home now but not after a heated argument between him and Kendra. After the meeting they were spotted out in Calabasas with their son and daughter for some family time.


All this happened just before the new broke that Hank had been messing around with Ava the transsexual.

Now, Ava claims that Hank made the first move after view her YouTube page back in April. London (who is alleged to have taken a lie detector test to prove her story) told the National Enquirer about her rondeaux with Hank in explicit detail. “I met Hank Baskett probably around the 22nd or 23rd of April this year. He contacted me through a video I had posted on YouTube and we exchanged information.”








She goes on to say, “Hank absolutely knew that I was a transsexual and he told me that I was the only transsexual he’s ever been with. He thought I was beautiful.”

I guess… She then goes on to say that after their little 20 minute session Hank got up and made it rain to the tune of $500 and then left. Ava also classified that Hank, who went by Steve, was very satisfied and that no actual intercourse took place.


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