Jennifer Lopez, Casper Smart, Maksim Chmerkovkiy and A Few Transsexual… Whats Really Going On???


It is so hard to keep up with all the rumors going around with Jennifer Lopez right now! It comes just in time to give her some publicity for her new 10th studio album “A.K.A.”

The word is that JLo is dating Dancing With The Stars professional Maksim Chmerkovskiy. A radio station said that Jenny was ‘already dating someone new (And he’s GOOD LOOKING! FINALLY!)’

She responded: ‘No I’m not. #rumors #nottrue #AKAinstoresJune17 :)’ adding in a plug for her new album at the same time. Well that cleared that up!


These rumors come after her slit with boyfriend Casper Smart, who is rumored to have cheated on JLo with a transgender model named Xristina Marie.

“There is no truth to any meeting or physical encounter,” he tells Us W1358717910_casper-smart-jennifer-lopez_1eekly. “I am weighing my options on the appropriate action to take against Xristina Marie and/or The Sun.”

InTouch weekly also reported that Casper and transsexual named Sofie Vissa had began to exchange racy photos of each other Instagram direct messaging feature!

The gossip publication got an exclusive interview with Sofie and she explains that the two of them need to work out whatever is wrong in their relationship.  “It’s something Casper and Jennifer need to talk about. They need to figure out or fix whatever is wrong — because obviously, there’s something that’s not right between them. If you are in a relationship, I wouldn’t want my guy doing that. He is looking to fill some void.”

Sounds like someone maybe trying to 15 minutes of fame! Oh and by the way Sofie was also  arrested for prostitution back in 2013!

Seems like Jennifer has no worries! Life is good right now and she has a new album on the way that is expected to do very well! I think JLo should just be single for right and focus on herself or get back with Marc Anthony!

Source: InTouchUs Weekly


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