Future Gushes Over New Born Son With Ciara


Daddy Future has high hopes for his son Future’s future! Future Jr. is a “mixture of both” him and Ciara the rapper gushed!

Future took time to chat with Us Weekly while her was atBacardi Rum and Vice Celebrate Cuban Independence Day in NYC on Tuesday, May 20, where he had committed to perform. “She’s feeling great. She’s with our son right now [in L.A.],” the rapper-producer added. “I just texted her when I got off the airplane, and I’m going to get on the phone with her to see how everything is going.”

The rapper also thinks that Ciara will make a great mother “She’ll be a great mom. She’s working at it every day and over time, I think she’ll be the best.”

“I want him to be better than me. I would encourage him in anything he wants to do,” Future said. “I want to be behind him, of course.”

Future also to Us that would defiantly be on diaper duty, at least once! “You have to say you did it. I’ll make sure I change a few diapers—a hands-on Dad!”

Future goes on to say that his son as an addition to the family is “a blessing.”

Source: Us Weekly


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