Sherri Shepherd Wants Full Custody Of Unborn Child


Things are getting messy between Sherri Shepherd and estrange husband Lamar Sally!

There is a reason why Lamar wants the prenup voided on fraud! He gets nothing in the divorce! That includes the couples unborn child which they having via a surrogate.

The prenup also states that Sally would get a lump sum of $60K. It’s easy to see why he is fighting so hard to get the prnup thrown out! I hope has a good lawyer!

According to TMZ

Sherri filed divorce docs earlier this month, days after hubby Lamar Sally filed his own docs for legal separation where he asked for full custody of their unborn child, who is being carried to term via surrogate. The baby is due in July.

Sherri strangely doesn’t even mention custody in her divorce docs, but DOES ask to enforce their prenup … and now we know the prenup is Sherri’s secret custody weapon.

Under the prenup, Lamar agrees that the new kid will live with Sherri and her son Jeffrey from a previous relationship. So the prenup gives Sherri full physical custody of the new baby.

In Lamar’s legal docs, he’s asking the judge to throw out the prenup on grounds of fraud. If he gets the prenup invalidated, that clears the way for his demand for full custody. But proving fraud is hard.

We will have to wait and see how all this plays out, but I think Sherri has this in the bag. Stranger things have happen!

Source: TMZ


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