Were Drugs Involved In Solange Elevator Rage?


It is still unclear as to why Solange went HAM on Jay Z in the elevator in the Stanford Hotel. Speculators wonder if Solange’s drug use was to blame for her attack on Jay Z.

Last year the “Losing You” singer was hit with drug rumors after she abruptly canceled her European leg of her tour. “I really had to make the decision for my mental and physical health,” Solange said in a statement. “I have to provide stability for my family.”

Then there was that song she did “Champagne Chronic Nightcap” which features Lil Wayne on the remix, which does confirm her love for the mean green. “I am unapologetic,” she said in an interview. “I don’t write about things unless they are true.”

“Is weed taboo in NYC? Like, why can’t I find any?” Solange asked before she overdosed on Nyquil back in 2009.

Now weed is not a something that gets you hype as Solange was in the video. Weed relaxes you and calms you down so if anything she was not high on weed! So weed would not cause that reaction unless it was laced and she didn’t know about it.

Everyone really just wants a reason as to why Solange went crazy. No one likes seeing this family go through any thing negative. Family matters can be very sensitive so hopefully they can work things out soon!


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