Solange Deletes Beyonce From All Her Social Media


It maybe not just Jay Z Solange has a problem with! It seems Solange has deleted all photos of Beyoncé from all he social media accounts.

We are still waiting on a reason why Solange went crazy on Jay Z in the Standard Hotel on May 5 after the Met Gala. We may never know because this family keeps things pretty private and tend to deal with family privately when they can.

It seems following the leak of the elevator fight between Solange and her brother-in-law the singer deleted all of Beyoncé’s pics from her Social media accounts. Could Solange have a beef with Beyoncé as well? Fans took notice on May 12 that Solange had completely erase her sister from her life!

This maybe her way of dealing with this whole ordeal. Although it’s obvious that Beyoncé was not the target of Solange’s rage it’s a little strange that she delete her sister completely from her social media life.

Beyoncé also took to her Instgram posted a message hinting at relationship turmoil in her life.


A post shared by Beyoncé (@beyonce) on

Fix it Jesus! We hope this all can be worked out and things can be back to normal. Although it does seem that whatever was bothering Solange is deep and my take some to heal.


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