Aubrey O’Day of Danity Kane Involved In A Hit-And-Run


Aubrey O’Day Shannon Bex of Danity Kane were reportedly involved in car crash

To make matters worse it was apparently a hit and run! They both seem to be doing well.

TMZ has the exclusive details below!

O’Day was a passenger in her own car on May 5 (fellow Danity Kaner Shannon Bex was driving) when a giant SUV hit her whip as it sat at a red light.

We’re told the black Buick Enclave rode halfway up her hood before the driver gunned it and beat a hasty retreat. We’re told the impact was bad enough to cause $10K in damages.

O’Day and Bex went to a hair salon the next day and spotted the phantom Enclave. They took a few pics of the car for evidence, when the driver came out and confronted them.

We’re told the Enclave driver allegedly went inside the salon, brandishing a heavy metal object and then asked the women, “Do we have a problem here, ’cause we can take care of it now.”

The girls filed a police report and cops are investigating.

We hope this doesn’t effect the gorls No Filter Tour!

Source: TMZ


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