Was Lindsay Cancelled By Oprah?


We all the know about the train wreck called Lindsay Lohan. 

Well it seems that there are some rumors swirling around that the OWN docu-series Lindsay had been canceled. Not to say I was the debut episode only got 700,000 viewers, which is surprising considering america loves a train wreck. Well nobody watched this one self included.

As you may or may not know the documentary series follows Lindsay as she tries, but mostly fails, to get her life back on track. The last and final episode will air this Sunday at 9pm on OWN.


The question is was the show canceled? The answer is surprisingly no. Sources are saying that, “Rumors that it is being canceled are untrue.” And a source close to Lindsay adds: “The intention was always to do eight episodes. The show is not being canceled.”

Even though the show is not being canceled I’m sure if the rating were better the show would continue with another season. The network did fulfill its commitment of a sit down with Oprah and eight episodes. Done!

Rosie O’Donnell also had some not so nice words to say about the troubled actress. She lashed out on her Twitter page with, “The Lindsay show is a tragedy.” Rosie goes on to say,” on every level – I hope one day she gets sober for real and watches these episodes – n sees what we all do” Agreed!

It is highly unlikely that the network will pick up more than eight episodes so it looks like Lindsay is on her “OWN”. I don’t really think anything can really help her she’s a lost cause and unfortunately a waste of talent.

Source: E! News



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