Pharrell Williams Gets Emotional With Oprah


Pharrell Williams got very emotional with Oprah Winfrey during an episode of Oprah Prime. Talking about his his career and the incredible success he has been having he started to tear up with happiness.

“[We had] zero airplay. Nothing. And the next thing you know, we put out the video on November 21, and all of a sudden…boom,” Williams said of the song’s meteoric rise to the top of the charts. “I mean, when I say boom, I mean boooom. And we were like, ‘What’s happening?’ First of all, people are putting up their own videos. It was, like, no longer my song.”

Oprah played a clip of people “getting happy” around the world to his hit “Happy.” Pharrell couldn’t help but start crying during that emotional moment. “It’s overwhelming, because I love what I do,” he said.

Pharrell later tweeted “This was one of the most sincere humbling moments I’ve ever experienced during an interview. HAPPY tears.” Winfrey responded with, “couldn’t you feel his heart @Pharrell? So humble and appreciative of his journey. Loved him!”

We love Pharrell and we wish him much success! I almost teared up with him !


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