Mimi Faust Paid $100,000 For Sex Tape!

 Vivid Entertainment

Vivid Entertainment

Where the dollars at?

Mimi Faust and Nikko Smith have been getting lots of attention ever since it was announced that a sex tape staring the reality stars called Mimi & Nikko: A Scandal In Atlanta is set to be released in a matter of days!

Plenty of people close to the situation are say that Mimi is trying to become  rich and famous. “Have you ever heard of Mimi Faust before her porn dropped? Exactly!” this insider spoke with HollywoodLife.com and goes on to say, “She did it for the money and from what I’m hearing she cashed in about 100 racks.”

 Vivid Entertainment

Vivid Entertainment

Most of the comments of been rather negative with people expressing disappointment with Mimi’s choice to go through with the release of the tape and others just find it funny.


Vivid Entertainment founder Steve Hirsch, spoke to HollywoodLife.com who told us the following:

We were approached by a third party to release the tape. I wasn’t familiar with Mimi and Nikko or Love and Hip Hop Atlanta. After doing some research, I realized just how big both the show and the tape could be. It was a struggle to ultimately get the deal done but we did. And this tape will be huge. Massive!


Well it sounds like Mimi is going to get the fame she wants, at least for a little while. The question is was enough money to really exploit yourself. I mean how much is enough. Especially when you have a daughter that might see you “hang gliding” on a shower rod.

Source: HollywoodLife.com


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