Big Sean & Naya Rivera Went To Couples Counselling Before Split


Apparently Big Sean and Naya Rivera had problems long before they split. The went to couples counselling before ultimately ending their engagement. 

According to TMZ Big Sean was the one who said he had enough! Weeks before the announcement was made Big Sean called off the engagement because he was tired of dealing with Naya Rivera’s controlling ways.

TMZ is also reporting that Naya demanded to know where he was at all times and would threaten him by saying things like, “If you don’t listen to what I say, I’ll ruin your career.” 

Well hell that’s a good enough reason to leave any relationship. Rivera also thought that Sean may have been stepping out with other women. She allegedly would work herself up into a jealous rage and would break things like an expensive lamp in a recent fight at Sean home.

Their are two sides to every story so we can only wait for Naya to forth with her perception of the story. Maybe they can work it out?

Source: TMZ



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