What Did Kandi Really Think About Fantasia’s Wedding Toast.


A lot of rumors are going around that Fantasia Barrino basically single-handedly ruined Kandi Burruss’ reception during her toast.

The story goes that Kandi was horrified at the language Fantasia used during her toast. Barrino took the mic during the reception and called Kandi the “realest b*tch” and “Kandi, you are my m*therf**kin’ friend and I love you.”

Well truth be told Kandi was not upset at all about the speech, in fact she LOVED it!

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According to TMZ, Kandi’s rep says she was NOT horrified in the least, telling us, Kandi laughed her big ass off Fantasia’s speech … and the two had a blast at the wedding.

Now that makes more sense! Fantasia and Kandi are super close so I think Fantasia’s toast was must likely expected! Everyone knows Kandi is the “realest b*tch!”

Source: TMZ




One thought on “What Did Kandi Really Think About Fantasia’s Wedding Toast.

  1. Jayzus, it’s still someone’s wedding. the video from this will live forever. a big fancy occasion usually has some class to it, why act like a gansta thug? it’s nasty, it’s ugly. it’s unladylike. and whether kandi approves or not, it seems like a diss on her because fantasia acted inappropriately in public at such an important event. this girl is an ignorant dingbat. soon, she’ll be back to nowhere’sville from whence she came — oh yea, she’s probably already there.

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