Mama Joyce And Todd Tucker Fight Before Wedding About Prenup!! #RHOA


Just when you thought everything was getting better between Todd and Mama Joyce more drama seemed to find its way to the light. We already that there is speculation whether or not Todd actually signed a prenup that Kandi asked for, but now I’m hearing that  Mama Joyce was not happy about that and caused a fight before the ceremony.

“Kandi married Todd Tucker this past weekend and [her mom] Joyce was not happy about it,” a source tells E! News exclusively. “Joyce and Kandi got into a fight just before the wedding. Joyce is upset that Todd would not agree to sign the prenup. The couple got married without one, which led Joyce to believe her suspicions all along: he just wants Kandi for her money.”

That sounds about right. This is nothing new Mama Joyce will always be causing drama is Kandi and Todd’s life. I feel they have gotten this far they can get even further! They make a great couple and team and I love their love! Good Lucky you two crazy kids!

Source: E! News


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