Kenya Moore Calls 911 On Porsha Williams (Audio)


Things really did get bad during the taping of the Real Housewives of Atlanta Reunion Special. So bad that Kenya Moore had to call 911 from a blow to the head!

Rumors are swirling on what actually happened during the reunion. This is proof something did happen but after listening to the 911 tape we can obviously rule out that rumor that Porsha dragged Kenya across the room.

Kenya did say she was stuck by Porsha Williams but she didn’t an ambulance just the police. Kenya sounded more annoyed than hurt if you ask me. We know Kenya feels she has a since of entitled to certain things including  security.

It sounds like she was alone in her hotel calling 911. That makes sense because rumor has that none of the girls took up for Kenya when Porsha socked her one good time. Apparently the other housewives just looked on while Kenya and Porsha got down.

Now hearing the 911 what do you think?

Source: TMZ



One thought on “Kenya Moore Calls 911 On Porsha Williams (Audio)

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