Benzino Speaks Out About Shooting


Benzino, Raymond Scott, has spoken out about the shooting that happened this weekend while he was on his way to his mothers funeral. We are happy to hear Benzino is doing well.

“Because my mother was good” Benzino said try to hold back tears. “my mother wasn’t about this.”

Benzino says he wanted to mourn his mother privately so he didn’t have plans of attending her funeral mass at St. Peter’s Church in Plymouth. He was on his way to pick up his friend, Stevie J when he passed his mother’s procession on its way to the church.

“Once I started getting to the beginning of the procession gun shots boom, boom, boom,” Benzino recalls the tragic events. “I took a deep breath just to see if it was in my chest, but it wasn’t. I didn’t feel no pain so I maneuvered the car jumped out the car and I’m running down the middle of the street to all the other cars in the procession throwing my hands up like I need help.”

Benzino is in stable condition after being shot multiple times by his nephew 36-year-old Gia Scott.
“Blood doesn’t mean it’s love.”
Watch the full news clip from Fox News below.

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