#SMH Migos Brag About Drive By Shootout On Twitter



Rap group Migos were involved in a mafia-style drive by on the highway! You know they sing that sometimes annoying “Versace.”

The craziness happened in Miami after an appearance at a club. The group was driving in a black van on the high way when another car pulled up alongside of them and started shooting!!

Apparently reports are say one of Migos bodyguards was shot in the leg and hospitalized but the groups manager is telling a different stay say no one was injured.

Their manager said the driver drove to the hospital just in case some one was hurt.

The police took the van into custody while they were at the hospital. The van it’s self looked like it in the middle of a way zone with the windows busted out and bullet wholes throughout the vehicle.

Now the Migos feel they need to brag about the shoot out. Hours after the shootout they took to twitter sending threats and bragging about the situation.

Lets just hope you don’t have to worry about someone trying to come back and finish the job. You know people are crazy!


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Source: TMZ


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