Nothing Could Be More Awkward Than Your #FirstKiss (Video)

Already having over 66 million views since it’s debut on Youtube March 10 “First Kiss” features 20 strangers sharing an intimate moment for the first time. The video captures the awkwardness of the first kiss between two people can be. Just image how that would be with someone you never met before!

The video, by filmmaker Tatia Pilieva, featured a handful of actors, models and musicians, was met with disappointment by some viewers.

It was revealed to be a collaboration between Soko and Wren, a Los Angeles-based womenswear brand.

Pilieva told “Good Morning America”“I think a lot of people, when they first watched it, they didn’t know there was a collaboration between a brand and a filmmaker, but I think now that they do the momentum has shifted back to the positive.”

She noted that the kissers were “really awkward, but there was a real sweetness that came out of it.”

Of course their are a ton of parodies online with  Ellen DeGeneres and Jimmy Fallon jumping on the band wagon.


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