Mase Secretly Filed For Divorce


Rapper turned Paster turned Rapper again Ma$e has secretly filed for  divorce from his wife, Twyla Betha, after 12 years of marriage on January 2 citing irreconcilable differences. Come to find out they have been alleged separated since August 2013.

Ma$e is also been trying to make a come back in the rap game leading some to speculate that had something to do with the separation.

TMZ reporting that Ma$e asked for full custody of their two kids and even wanted HER to pay HIM child support. A month later Ma$e a change of heart and filed to dismiss the divorce petition.

Cazy right! I guess to keep up appearances at his church he decided that it was better to stay together or just cheaper to keep her.

Smart move because Mase’s church El Elyon International is basically built around the couples love for each other. They set the example of having a “successful marriage” for their members.

Mase and Twyla even have written a series of books called  “What Do You Do After I Do?” The book is described  as a how-to in making a marriage last for a lifetime. “In this series, Mason and Twyla Betha share keys to build a marriage that will last a lifetime.”

Source: TMZ


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