Apollo Close To Reaching A Plea Deal And Divorce Rumors Resurface



Apollo Nida is back in the news again.

Husband of Real Housewives of Atlanta star Phaedra Parks, Apollo is close to reaching a plea deal with the government.

In documents procured by Radaronline filed last week, “Counsel for Mr. Nida and counsel for the government have been engaged in discussions aimed at resolving this matter without a trial since February 10, 2014. They are still in the process of investigating additional facts and negotiating a resolution.”

Apollo was originally arrested on January 24 for Identity Theft and Fraud Scheme. His pretrial was originally scheduled for March 25, but the agreed to yet another extension until April 25!

The new extension ensures he will have “sufficient time to consult with his counsel, investigate all facts material to resolving this matter, and continue said discussions with the government,” his attorneys wrote.


Of course all this has stirred up some more drama for Phaedra and Apollos marriage. We all knew this was going!

So here’s the juice, it seems as if those rumors about the couple splitting up have come back to haunt them.  Apollo address the rumors last month on  twitter when he told the world that they will never break up.

Apparently they are having a hard time trying to save this marriage since Apollo’s arrest.  The stress is taking its toll of Phaedra who is said to have lost a ton of weight since all this has happened. Some are saying it is because of her new partnership with Xenadrine.

Personally this all maybe a part of the act to keep Phaedra out of trouble!

Source: RadarOnline, RumorFIx


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