Three Reasons Why Chris Brown Was Kick Out Of Rehab

2013 BET Awards - Show

Over the weekend Chris Brown was put back in jail for being thrown out of rehab. Until now we were asking why he was thrown out in the first place.

Apparently Chris broke 3 rules that caused him to be thrown out of rehab.

One being that he has to stay 2-feet away from women at all times. This rule is enforced because of the Rihanna case. Brown violated that rule when he touched elbows and hands with a woman.

The second violation was when Chris left the rehab facility without authorization. He was then asked to take a random drug test which h refused to take at first. He later took the test but by then it was too late so strike 2.

His third violation happened during a group session where he is said to have made a mockery of the rehab and made some rather harsh comments too.

Also Chris is said to have had sexual contact with a worker at the facility but for some strange reason that is not one of the reason why he was thrown out.

Chris is in jail without bail. His lawyer, Mark Geragos, will attempt to get him out jail on Monday.

Source: TMZ 


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