Chrissy Teigen Lash Out On Instagram



Chrissy Teigen gives zero F***s and has no filter we are learning!

Chrissy got a some back lash when she Instagrammed a pic of her self naked with the caption, ” Work ughhhhh so harrrrrd.” It looks like its real difficult to be Chrissy, doesn’t it?

Well someone didn’t appreciate the photo on their feed and wanted to give the model some rather rude advice. “You are a married woman – cover up or find other means of fulfilling your depraved need for attention cup.”

Well all hell broke loose when Chrissy got around to reading the unfavorable message. ”Keep taking pictures of crayons you crayola bitch ass.”


Well lets not mess with Chrissy because she will let you have it! The user last post was a pic of crayola crayons and people are having a field day leaving commits on her post! Check it out here!

Sources: Twitter, Instagram


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