Are You Ready For This Train Wreck? Lindsay First Look: I Feel Like a Prisoner All the Time

This Lindsay reality is going to be good!!

The trailer was just released and filled with all the drama we thought it would. The filming of the show, that will air on Oprah Winfrey’s network OWN, has been anything but smooth sailing for the Mean Girls actress.

“There’s nothing left in having a drink for me,” Lindsay says at the beginning of the clip. “What’s left in that feeling? Nothing. There’s no party that I haven’t gone to, there’s no person I haven’t hung out with. There’s no situation I haven’t been exposed to.”

In the documentary series Lindsay’s seems to be unpredictable and uncooperative. She shouts that she wants certain screens taken out, but this is what you signed up for sweetie. A hard raw look at what Lindsay goes through and the ability to tell your story. The funny part is that she thinks she can pick and choose what will air and what will not air. “I don’t want all the negative s–t that’s going on and the stress that might show through on camera.”

Oprah Winfrey Network

Oprah Winfrey Network

“It’s good good good good good and then there’s that thing in my head where it’s like ‘Oh, time to sabotage,'” Lindsay says about her life.

The biggest shock or revelation when Lindsay sober coach was if she was still sober and her couldn’t answer at all. That says a whole lot about what she is going through.

“You need to cut the bullsh**,” a frustrated Oprah says to a rather worn out looking Lindsay. Oprah will shut this whole thing down and leave high and dry so watch out girl! Winfrey has a lot of faith in Lindsay and she feels how most of us feel about LiLo, we just want her to win  again.

I don’t know if you are ready, but get ready. Lindsay premieres on Sunday, March 9, at 10 p.m. on OWN.


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