Kim Kardashian Walks Out Of Vienna Ball After Being Taunted With Black Face And The N-Word (Photos)

Brian Prahl / Splash

Brian Prahl / Splash

Kim Kardashian looked Stunning at the Vienna Annual Opera Ball. Unfortunately, the course of events were not so amazing! The picture above of Kim and Kris scowling at the camera tells a thousand words…

It starts with Kim being asked by Richard Lugner, a business man from Austria, to be on his arm during the Vienna Ball for $500,000. Nothing new- Lugner has a long history of paying the new “it girls” of the moment to be his arm candy during the ball.

Everything went down hill from there. Kim looked extra pissed during a press conference with Lugner after she found out he called her “annoying” and was not sticking to the program in an interview before.

POL / Splash News

POL / Splash News

During the Vienna Ball Kim K was dressed to the Gawds in a gracious Ralph Rucci Spring 2014 Black and Pink Sheer Inset dress with her mom close by. Little did she know it would be one of the worst nights of her life!

TMZ is reporting that Lugner “aggressive, at times grabbing her and imploring her to lose her security.  She said Lugner was trying to be alone with her.”

Brian Prahl / Splash News

Brian Prahl / Splash News

Oh wait there’s more, lots more. Kim was also approached by a man in black face pretending to be her fiance Kanye West while she was having a photo opt with Lugner. Crazy right?

According to TMZ the man claims it was a “misunderstanding” and insist he was not trying to be racist. His name is Chris Stephan and he is an Austrian stand-up comedian. He posted an apology on his Facebook, saying that he is “incredibly sorry.” Stephan also says he is of Arab descent. I Guess that makes it OK???

Chris Stephan

So after that poor excuse for a joke a guest at the Ball thought it was be funny to quote a verse from Kanye West & Jay Z collaboration “N**** in Paris” and change Paris to Vienna. I think he picked the wrong verse!

During the interview the man talked about how “beautiful” the moment was and then he was asked if he was going to dance and he replied, “we’re going to dance… we’re going to wait for N****rs In Vienna.”

Kim was just shocked to say the least and you could tell she was very uncomfortable at that moment. Check out the clip below.

Kim I’m sure had enough and that’s when she decided to leave the Ball. This was supposed to be an easy $500,000 for Kim K. Some of her fellow peers have also been asked to be Lugners arm candy, Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton, without a hitch.

We will hopefully be able to see the messiness unfold because word is that the Keeping Up With The Kardashian cameras were on site. I can’t wait to see this messiness in all its glory.

Source: TMZ


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