Jon Gosselin Wants Ex Kate To ‘F–king Die’



On tonight’s episode of Couple Therapy Jon Gosselin goes off the deep end saying that Kate Gosselin “can go and f**king die.” Whoa tell us how you really feel sir!

In a preview of Feb 27th episode of Couples Therapy Jon gets very emotional during a rant after he gets off the phone with Kate. Did he go to far or did he just let his emotions get the best of him?

“F–k her,” Jon yells after hanging up the phone. “[Kate] can go out and talk about the kids any time she wants. She can tweet, get a f–king website dedicated to them, every f–king book she’s ever put out, because she wants to keep on being on television which is never going to f–king happen. So she can go and f–king die.”

He also reveals that he wrote a book. “I wrote my book, I just, I’m afraid to publish it,” Jon explains to his co-stars. “It took me two years. Everything that happened. My side. My emotions.”

Head over to VH-1 to watch the preview and watch the explosion! 

Source: VH-1


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