Brandy Calls Off Engagement!

Ethan Miller/Getty Images North America

Ethan Miller/Getty Images North America

Say it isn’t so! Brandy and Ryan Press call off their wedding plans.

So rumors have been swirling that Brandy and Ryan have called off their engagement. People also thought that maybe the rumors where true when there where no pics of the happy couple during Brandy’s 35th birthday party. to kill the rumors he was their he just tried to avoid the cameras every chance he could.

The biggest shock is when Brandy showed up at the NAACP awards without Ryan and with her engagement ring! Sources told that the wedding is off–at least for now and that the couple decided they needed some “me time” after they moved in together. They always say you never know someone until you live with them .

The separation must have been on good terms because Ryan still manages Brandy.

They have not given up! They are taking this time apart to re-evaluate their relationship to see if they should actually get married. There is still hope for the future, but word on the streets is that Ryan was recently hooked up on date.

Source: Sister2Sister


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