Miley Cyrus Covers “Hey Ya!” & Kisses Katy Perry!

It’s save to say that no matter how much raunchy twerking she does or how many pairs of random underwear she puts in her mouth, Miley Cyrus can sing her ass of!!!

She recently did an acoustic version of Andre 3ooo’s “Hey Ya!” during her Bangerz Tour. She did a gloooorious  job on the song.



Miley Cyrus also had a few more surprises up her sleeve during her Bangerz Tour, like locking lips with Katy Perry!

So Miley Cyrus was in the middle of performing “Adore You” when out of no where she and Katy Perry kissed! “I just kissed a girl and I really liked it a lot,”Miley said with pride! Thank the heavens above for social media because some captured it and Instagrammed the video!

Miley kissin Katy

A post shared by TYLER ROGERS (@tylerogers) on

Katy Perry also took to twitter about the landmark occasion:

Source: Twitter


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