Fergie Shows Off Her Calvin’s



Fergie lets you know she still looks good in her Calvin’s.

Calvin Klein has taken to social media in their new ad campaign.  They have gotten some Well-known celebraties to Instagram a pic in their favorite pair of Calvin Klein underwear using the hashtag #MyCalvins. Fergie, Trey Songz , and Miranda Kerr are some of the few who have shown off their goodies!

Fergie has gone so far as to make a video of her topless rolling around her bed seducing us with ever shot. She playfully captioned the video “Boom. #mycalvins.”

Boom. #mycalvins

A post shared by Fergie (@fergie) on

earlier in the week Trey Songz let the wprld see what he was working with as he captioned a few pics with, “Thanks Calvin Klein for the delivery #MyCalvins,” he wrote, and followed up with yet another undie selfie. “I like these too! #MyCalvins,” he said.

Miranda Kerr teased us with what was under neither her jeans and flashing just the top of her fave Calvins. “my new Calvin’s #mycalvins#ad.”

❤️ my new Calvin's #mycalvins #ad

A post shared by Miranda (@mirandakerr) on

This is interesting and I would love to see more starts show off their Calvin’s on Instagram, wouldn’t you?


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