Saving Our Daughters Isn’t Really A Charity?


This whole story with Kenya Moore and Saving Our Daughters just gets more shadier and  more trifling everyday! Word on the streets in that Saving Our Daughters is NOT a 501(c)3 organization a their status has been revoked ever since May of 2013!

The Nonprofit failed to file a form 990 three years in row consequently revoking their status in May 2013. The IRS posted the information on August  12, 2013 and Kenya Moore’s charity event was October 2013.


Some more Shade! A PR company was allegedly going to work with Saving Our Daughters during All-Star weekend for a an event. Well this allege PR company likes to make sure they dot all their i’s and cross all their t’s so they had one of their contacts with the IRS look into the nonprofit. They found out that their federal tax exemption status had been revoked and they were not being legally recognized as a charity.

The IRS is allegedly planing to audit Saving Our Daughters and put a freeze on all bank accounts of everyone that might be involved to find out were the money is coming from

We will see if Saving Our Daughters will address this issue later on today. Come to think about it, this whole situation all makes sense now. Saving Our Daughters I’m sure knew what they where doing when they released that statement stating that they received no coins from Kenya Moore’ charity event. All that to say that maybe Kenya was lying or acting for TV.

Saving Our Daughters seems to be in a lot of hot water ALLEGEDLY. Also, accepting money as a charity without actually being one is a criminal offence.

Somebody’s lying!



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