Kendall Jenner Poses For Vogue?



Looks like Kendall Jenner will be betting her sister Kim Kardashian to the punch when it coming to being in Vogue Magazine.

Kendall Jenner has been taking the fashion world by storm lately! Jenner surprised everyone when she walked the runway in the Marc Jacob 2014 Fall collection during New York Fashion Week Feb 13.

Kendall Jenner also just did an online spread for Vogue where she is wearing many on the looks for New York Fashion Week! I must say she was made for this and she looks Gloooorious in each and every look!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Can’t help but wonder if her sister Kim is place hating on Kendall. we all know she dreams of having her own cover for Vogue and Kanye West is also rumored to have held secret Lunch-ins with the all powerful editor of Vogue Ann Wintour to help Kim her cover. looks like Kendall might beat her to the punch!

Source: Vogue/Instagram


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