Kanye West Troughs Major Shade To Macklemore (Video)

Splash News

Splash News

Kanye West went on another rant during his New Jersey show on Feb 15. This time he wanted to clear the air about a so-called beef between him and Drake and take a few minutes to shade Macklemore.

Kanye took sometime out during his concert to show Drake some love and to squash rumors that two might be beefing. “It’s always them magazines trying to pit n****s against one another,” Kanye ranted to the Newark audience. “So tonight, it ain’t none of that. We love Drake. If anything, we gone go after the motherf**kers writing that negativity.”

If you remember during a Drakes recent Rolling Stone interview he brought up Kanye West album “Yeezus.” Drake denied he brought it up. “There was some real questionable bars on there,” he said.

“Macklemore know what it is,” Kanye said, seemingly stating how obvious it is that Macklemore is an inferior rapper. “He tried, he made some good music, he’s a good kid, but y’all know what it is.” Shade all day!


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