Is Justin Bieber Gay?


When a recent pic came up on the web of Justin kissing another dude his fans went crazy! The question is was it really Justin?

So Justin been under the microscope for a quite a while and he’s been called everything from immature, an a$$, and a trouble maker. Gay wasn’t ever on the list however, so when a photo of him surfaced of him kissing another guy the Beliebers lost it. But is it really him.

Well it looks like him, right? The guy on the right has a  backwards hat, his signature shades, and he has the same hair cut. Could this all be a photo shopped joke? Turns out the guy in the picture is not Justin but a guy named Rob Miller who just so happens to strikingly look like Justin.

Rob posted the pic on his twitter account of him and his boyfriend kissing.

So Rob has be trying to tell everyone that is not justin in the photo, but of course people will tweet what they want too and if it looks like Justin then it is Justin. It was all just stated to get the rumor mill going but i we put an end to it here! Still would you really be surprised if it was him the pic?


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