Real Housewives of Atlanta Aftermath!

Craig Barritt/Getty Images North America

Craig Barritt/Getty Images North America

The most epic sleep over brawl ever is how you might describe the most recent events on the Real Housewives of Atlanta, and yes we’re still talking about it!

Pillow talk brawl was the highest rated episode attracting 4.6 million viewers. You know america loves a good fight scene with lots of drama.

Cynthia Bailey was spotted at the Zang Toi Fashion in New York City. Their she took sometime to spill from tea with E! News about how things are going with the girls.

“Unfortunately, the whole fighting thing is something we don’t normally do. I don’t think that’s why people watch us, but at the same time I guess that’s why so many people tuned in,” she explained. “As a part of the cast, I personally don’t celebrate it just in terms of the content. So, yay, we got good ratings–but I don’t really feel good about it happened.”

When asked about her relationship with Kandi Burruss she had this to say, “We’re in a good place. [The fight] was a hurdle we had to get over. But at the end of the day, she’s a rational person and I’m very rational and with time we were able to move past it.”

“We’re all women, we’re all emotional. We all have a snap button. It is what it is.”

Source: E! News


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