Paula Deen Lands $75 to $100 million deal! Are We Ready?

Getty Images

Getty Images

Are you ready for a Paula Deen come back?

Like it or not Paula Deen is back with a pretty amble deal! Her new company, Paula Deen Ventures, just landed a $75 to $100 million investment with Najafi Cos., The Wall Street Journal reports. Jahm Najafi is responsible for this mess. He owns the Book-of-the-Month Club and BMG Music Service and he is hoping to turn everything around for Deen.

“Our investment allows the Paula Deen brand to expand their relationships and the partnerships that are already in place, and support those partnerships on a go-forward basis,” Najafi explained.

The company is currently talking with TV networks, retail chains and other partners not that might be interested. You guess right, Food Network is not on the menu although, Paula Deen Ventures did decline to name any companies it has contracted.

Bottom line is that he fans love her and her brand is pretty easy to sell. Thousands of people have liked  the Facebook page “We Love Paula Deen” in efforts to show support and to get her back on the air.

Najafi has very high hopes for Deen and is very confident that they will both profit from this endeavor. “The important thing to remember is that her fan base is rabid. Her Facebook fan base has more than doubled in the past year,” he explained. “The Paula Deen brand is alive and well.”

Sources: The Wall Street Journal 


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