NeNe tells Kenya Moore “U are DEAD 2 me”

NeNe was not happy yesterday morning on Twitter. The Tweet in question is on that was tweeted after the Bethenny Frankel show aired. Most people are thinking that it was a blow to Kenya Moore how sat down with Bethenny to spill some tea about the housewives, in particular NeNe Leaks. Honestly the she was so edited a lot was probably left out!

Thanks to for getting the transcript together!

Kenya: When I arrived Nene was…as we say, she seemed like she was on one. Her mood was very foul. She was very vicious towards me, and she berated me with insults the moment I walked in the door.


Bethenny: You feel like she was lit up before you got there?


Kenya: She was lit up before I arrived. And…


Bethenny: I don’t mean ‘on something,’ but people did…


Kenya: Yeah, hyper sense of her behavior. And all of the questions that NeNe was asking were inflammatory and she just wouldn’t let anything go. And when I arrived, how she was treating me, it was almost was as though she opened the door for everyone else to treat me that way.


Bethenny: I know NeNe and people on Twitter were saying, ‘Was she on drugs?’ ‘Was she lit up?’ I don’t know obviously, but I know NeNe, and to be on that show for six years, I would be in a straight jacket. I mean I really would.


Kenya: I don’t take any drugs, I have a hard time taking Advil if I have a headache so I don’t understand people who need to take drugs to–


Bethenny: I’m not saying that she does. I’m just saying, that’s how heightened it is that other people have said to me that they can’t take it–the scrutiny, the Tweeting, the fighting.


Kenya: It’s difficult but what I really feel bad about after watching this whole thing, this melee that happened, is the fact that I was blamed for it by NeNe. And as a woman she said to me, you’re lucky you didn’t get your ass beat. Who says that? A woman that’s been beaten before by a man, who has suffered through domestic violence, for you to say that was just completely unacceptable.

Nene let Kanya have it on Twitter after the show aired:

“Dead 2 me” is a strong phrase for NeNe to use but we all know she not one to hold her tongue. Rumor is that NeNe was on something while tapping the show, and the streets are talking that she might be using that nose candy if you get the drift. All alleged of course! Here is a small clip of the show below.


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