Bruce Jenner After Adam’s Apple Surgery


Oh Lord! Bruce Jenner was photographed Feb. 10 for the first time since his plastic surgery to shave down his Adam’s apple. Now he has a new ombre hairstyle! All this plus his new feminine look only makes these sexchange rumors more believable!

Bruce is 64-years-old and frankly he can do what he damn well pleases, but it is fun to speculate! Feb. 10 was the first day we got a chance to see Jenner’s newly shaven Adam’s apple, plus a new full-bodied hairstyle complete with a fun ombre! Oh and remember those french tips he has a month back? #Sideeye

Although Jenner has denied rumors about a sex change you gotta wonder why?Radar Online is reporting that he “simply did not like its appearance.”

As for the new ombre hairdo. Maybe he just simply felt left out and wanted to join the trend like his girls Kim and Khloe Kardashian lets not forget Kylie! What you guys think about Bruces rumored sex change??

Source: Radar Online


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