Phaedra Parks Could Lose It All!



Things are not looking good for Phaedra! has found evidence that list Phaedra as a funding officer with Apollo of several businesses including “National Recovery Group, Inc.,” “Nida, Inc.,” “Nida Fitness Inc.,” and “Nida Group, Inc.” has the documents here!

Fans of Real Housewives of Atlanta find it hard to believe that Phaedra had no idea what was going on. Many also believe that she conducted this thing, and bay-bay its hard to believe she didn’t know anything with all the stories floating around!

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Wendy Williams even chimes in on the Phaedra sega stating that , “Of course, she did.  Those Bravo checks aren’t big enough to buy a new funeral home and clothes for Mr. President…and live that life,” said Wendy. Wendy has already sworn of not watching RHOA due to the amount of violence that has been occurring in the past week.

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Now even though the businesses that list Mrs Parks as partner included in the indictment. Apollo’s “National Recovery Group” however is described as debt collection agency that does the same shady business that Apollo is being accused of.

Phaedra is also at risk of disbarment! Well the streets are talking and word is that this investigation may be enough to threaten Phaedra’s career as an attorney. also talked with a rep. for the Georgia State Bar and was told “member in good standing.” The source goes on to say, “she is an active member and has no public discipline. She has never been disbarred.”

This whole thing makes you really start to believe Kenya Moore. She always did call her Shady Phaedra! What do you think?

Source: RadarOnline



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