Could Kenya Moore be Wrong About Christopher Williams Marriage?



This story just gets thicker and thicker. Could Kenya Moore actually be lying about Christopher Williams marriage to Natalie? A marriage licence recently serviced alleging that Christopher and Natalie really did get married in 1995.

In recent episodes of the Real Housewives of Atlanta Kenya Moore has questions about Natalie’s marriage to Christopher Williams calling her “his common law wife.” Those allegations sparked the chaos that broke out in the last episode of “RHOA.”

Could Kenya be lying or just have her facts mixed up? Christopher also could have told her what she wanted to hear at the time. has an allegedly uncovered Christopher and Natalie’s marriage licence dated for July 1995.

Here’s a twist for you. Christopher did an interview with Sasha the Diva where he was asked various questions. When Williams was asked if he was married he answered NO. This interview was posted June 16, 2013. Kenya also posted the interview on her twitter page as well.



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