Kenya Moore Refuses to Take the Blame For RHOA Explosion



Kenya Moore will not take the blame for the explosive fight that took place on last Sundays episode of “Real Housewives of Atlanta.” She feels she did nothing wrong and that Apollo had to right to attack Brandon. 

As she describes the actions that took place during the altercation Kenya incest that Apollo had no reason to become violent that night. “There is no alternate universe that would hold me accountable for Apollo assaulting Brandon. Apollo is a convicted felon having served 6 years in prison. He is a liar and he is out of control.”

She then touches upon Christopher Williams and his common law wife, Natalie, describing the events that led up to Williams grabbing her arm. “When Christopher grabbed my arm, I was outraged. Brandon did exactly what he was supposed to do and that is to protect me. NO MAN SHOULD EVER PUT HIS HANDS ON A WOMAN. For that, he is my hero. ”

She then goes on to bash the other husbands in the room by saying that Brandon “is more of a man” then the other husbands. She expresses deep disappointment in the ladies as well, “sadly, the women should have rallied by my side to support me. Due to their own insecurities or alliances, they chose not to.”

Perhaps Kenya’s biggest disappointment was in NeNe. “I considered myself a friend and have always been respectful and supportive of NeNe on and off camera. I ignored all the warnings from the other ladies about how she turns on people she is threatened by or that she feels steals the spotlight from her.” Kenya seemed to have really considered NeNe a friend and was not at all happy about her actions that night. Kandi put it nicely when she asked if NeNe was “Geeked Up.”

Lastly, she brings up Phaedra and the lies that she has spread about her over the years. “I have never lied on anyone to disrepute or sully their reputation for the sake of revenge. Everything I have ever said about anyone, especially Apollo, on this show has been the truth. We all know who and what Apollo really is.” We all know how that story goes by now….

You read the full Blog at Bravo’s website.


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