Evelyn Lozada Is Having A Boy!!!!!

Evelyn Lozada\People.com

Evelyn Lozada\People.com

Evelyn Lozada is having a boy!!!! Evelyn sat down with People Magazine to give them the exclusive story about the gender of her second child!

Evelyn could hardly contain herself when she sat down with People Magazine Tuesday. She said she found out during her first trimester screening. “I was about 13 weeks when they told me the sex!”

A Boy is something Evelyn always wanted she told People. “I was honestly praying for a boy. I have wanted to have a son for years.”

Shaniece, Evelyn’s daughter, was right by her when she found out! She says, “we were both so happy. There are all girls on my side, so this will be our first boy. My family is over the moon,” Lozada says. ”Every time I go to the doctor, I have them check to make sure it’s a boy. I’m still in disbelief! Shaniece is just happy that she can still be the princess of the family,” adds Lozada jokingly. “Her brother is already her BFF in her head.”

Congratulations Evelyn!!!

Source: People


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