Angela Stanton Reacts to Apollo Arrest



For those that don’t know who Angela Stanton is hers a brief rundown. Stanton is the author of Lies of a Real House Wife: Tell The Truth and Shame The Devil in 2012 which tells the story of her friendship with Phaedra Parks and how she was allegedly involved in the auto title scam, as well as insurance fraud. Angela served five years in jail.

Angela  recently wrote a letter exclusively to giving her reaction to Apollos recent arrest.  Angela was not at all surprised by the recent arrest of Apollo, in fact she says that it is “remarkably similar” to his previous crimes. She goes on to say that she can relate to Gayla St. Julen and that she “was troubled to learn that the alleged crimes involved the use of a vulnerable woman to carry out the schemes.”  You can read the letter here in its entirety


Back in 2012 Angela did a three part interview with VIBE Magazine which she gives very detailed encounter of her interactions with Phaedra and Apollo. In case you missed it the interviews are below for your viewing pleasure.


7 thoughts on “Angela Stanton Reacts to Apollo Arrest

  1. This woman seems to be the epic con artist who is able to pimp Black America. This is an old scam from back in the 1980’s. This is how it worked. These career criminal con artists would gather up information on certain people while they are in jail. Sometimes it’s someone famous or regular people. When they come out of jail they approach about 10 people who they had some information on and if the person is afraid when they present their information to them then they become a human parasite by using this info. to live off that person. They didn’t work because they had felonies but they lived the high life using this method which is sucking the life from others. A career con artist can be so believable that they can make you believe that your mother is not your mother. I have experience working with these career con artists and I believe black people is being pimped by this woman. In the 1980’s I was a nurse on the detox unite in a city hospital. I worked 7pm-7am when all the game playing was on the forefront. Most of the clients were female prostitutes, male prostitutes, transvestites, men dressed as drags, and most all the clients was acquainted with the prison system (jail). These career con artist would tell you a story that make you weep and then go home and take all the food you bought for your children and give it to them. I have seen nurses lose their dignity and their lively-hood listening to these career criminal con artists.
    Anytime you can take something like an attorney going to your mother’s funeral for you in your stead and spin it into something bad then in my book you are a human parasite and a blood sucking leech. If an attorney address something as sensitive as your mother’s death and extend themselves to you by attending the funeral and you use it to sell books then you have no character and will go to any extent possible for selfish purposes. This action should have been off the record for discussion and you say thank you and move on. You have to be from the old school to be able to identify this con game that this woman is playing on the entire black community. If what she said is so true then let the court deicide instead of profiting from it. Once she put profit into it then it become muddled and nauseating. I personally know many attorneys who help people at random and they help the black community and sometimes they run into a psychopathic person who attached themselves to them and become parasitic.
    As a nurse I have crossed the line and gone beyond the call of duty and helped so many black people and would be devastated if they turned on me like this woman. This woman made me decide not to help anyone again. Any career criminal can gather information about you in jail and come out with bombshell information that mimic your life. It can happen to YOU. Now you say she is so believable…Any career con artist has perfected the art of being believable and getting sympathy. This is how the con game works…Set up a nonprofit, make people think you are helping people and con the HELL out of them and the community. She is doing BIG PIMPING if you take your hard earn money and give it to her by buying her book. I am just tired of seeing black people be fooled. Why pay for something when you can get it free. The court case will give you all the information you need. Read something positive that can help you. Avid readers go here. DEMAND THAT THE BOOK PUBLISHING INDUSTRY AND THE MUSIC INDUSTRY BRING POSITIVITY IN OUR COMMUNITY, NOT NEGATIVITY OR DEVISIVENESS. If someone in the black community has done something then they are innocent until proven guilty by a court of law and not by a trashy book written by a career con artist. Let our community engage positive dialog on a continuum and do not be distracted with this kind of trash.

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